Advanced Cannabis Consulting and Customized Solutions

We typically quote a project-based cannabis consulting fee for multi-day jobs. Here are 3 types of projects we've managed:

Example 1: Grower

Goal: Higher quality, more valuable products while maximizing production.

You want to set up a small analytical lab so you can apply standardized testing at various stages in order to produce higher quality final products. You want to start by testing for water content, potency, and mold. You also want to maximize your operations to achieve higher profits.

Example 2: Extractor

Goal: Cleaner, safer extraction of more specialized and marketable final products.

You want to add either:

  1. A hydrocarbon system
  2. CO2 extraction
  3. A cold ethanol system

You’re not sure which system would be best given all the variables involved.

Example 3: New Setup

Goal: Leverage your budget to start producing quickly without needing to upgrade everything in 6 months.

You landed the funding to set up your dream lab, congratulations! Let us help you budget the scale of your lab, acquire the proper licensing, and get you off to the right start.

These are just a few of the common examples we can help you with.

Whatever your aspirations are in the cannabis space, give us a call and we’ll give you some options. No matter which option you take, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing this plan is going to work right!​